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    Oakland, CA
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    Music, Concerts, Festivals, Sports, Movies, Traveling, Networking
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    I've been a deejay in the San Francisco Bay Area club scene since 1998 and still on tha move!
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    I enjoy movies, sports, poetry, live concerts, traveling, networking, and LOTS of music!

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  1. I'm diggin this groove. Real smooth and sexy
  2. Nice track! I like how they're representing for the ladies fa sho
  3. Cool track. I'll put it in rotation and see what it do
  4. Hot track and video!! Keep it blazing fa sho
  5. Hot track right here. I'm definitely putting this in rotation
  6. This trill sound I haven't heard in a min. Real hot!
  7. This is a nice joint. I can definitely get this in the mix
  8. This joint is hot right here! I'll test it out
  9. This joint is hot! I'll give it some spins
  10. This is a real hot track! I'm already getting my groove on to her new joint. Definitely getting this in rotation ASAP
  11. Gucci still coming with the hits!
  12. Definitely diggin' this new joint right here. Rodney O been away for a long time. Gotta keep it poppin' for the West Coast!
  13. Cool track by Future. I like the beat and the groove. You can ride to it or slide to it
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