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    I've been a deejay in the San Francisco Bay Area club scene since 1998 and still on tha move!
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    I enjoy movies, sports, poetry, live concerts, traveling, networking, and LOTS of music!

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  1. Classic joint! Never gets old
  2. I keep getting a blank screen and can't see the download links. Please send them to djroxwellpresents@gmail.com. Thank you.
  3. I like the dope Busta Rhyme sample on this one fa sho!
  4. I just heard this remix earlier and it's hot!
  5. Dope track. This is what missing in hip hop right now. Feel good home grown music right here.
  6. I'm diggin this groove. Real smooth and sexy
  7. Nice track! I like how they're representing for the ladies fa sho
  8. Cool track. I'll put it in rotation and see what it do
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