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V.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic - Say Bow


Atlanta, GA: September 24, 2009

Anything worth having demands hard work and sacrifice. Just ask Atlanta's newest superstar-in-the-making V.I.C. as he readies for his debut album. Born in the rough-and-tumble Corona section of Queens, NY to a native New Yorker mother and Ghanan father, V.I.C. has been making music for as long as he can remember. He was 10 years old when he first put pen to pad, asked to write a drug awareness rap for his elementary school. "All the students loved it," V.I.C. remembers. "I came home and wrote the whole song myself. I have been rapping pretty much all my life. I didn't know I had the gift, but the gift had been with me." Soon thereafter, his parents relocated to Atlanta's south side suburb of College Park. The music so deeply embedded in his soul would come into focus as he reached his teenage years: "When I was in high school, I was focused on being a lyricist. My lyrics were mind blowing to the people I was rapping around," he recalls. "Southern rappers are talking about riding in their car with big rims. I had a lot of content and punch lines." After high school V.I.C. continued to develop his craft, becoming a regular in local open mic competitions. A self-employed barber by trade, V.I.C. cut fades and line-ups during the day and beheaded other unsigned rappers by night. In his downtime, he funneled hard-earned barber bucks into studio time as part of his tireless musical pursuit. Coincidentally, as if by fate, multi-platinum music mogul Michael "Mr. Collipark" Crooms (CEO of Collipark Music) and his brother/industry insider Derrick Crooms were patrons of another barbershop just a few doors down from V.I.C.’s. Each time V.I.C. saw either of the two brothers, he would pass them a demo. "I'd chase them down with a CD," says V.I.C. "They would always tell me the honest truth: either they wouldn't mess with it because they had so much going on at the time or it wasn't what they were looking for." V.I.C. soaked up the knowledge given to him from the two music industry veterans, went back to the drawing board and tried it again–and again–and again. Nearly at the end of his rope, V.I.C.’s undying efforts ultimately paid off. "I was like 'if y'all don't like this, I'm giving up,'" he says. Luckily, Crooms and Collipark were impressed by V.I.C.'s cinematic vision on the floss-heavy "Riding Batman" (referring to vertical Lamborghini doors which when open resemble the Batman symbol). Derrick Crooms signed V.I.C. on the spot to his newly formed Young Mogul Entertainment label. Brother Collipark, meanwhile, was equally eager to get started on the project, says Mr.Collipark, “After the numerous hits and huge second album from Soulja Boy, V.I.C. again confirms that we know what we are doing in the Crooms household. Although V.I.C. is signed to Young Mogul Entertainment —whose CEO is my brother Derrick—I am executive producing this album myself, and I co- produced the first single” Derrick Crooms is equally happy to keep things in the family: “I’m very excited to work with Neil Levine and Battery Records in developing V.I.C., who is destined to be a career artist. Together, the Crooms and Battery will be able to show that V.I.C. is the farthest thing from a one-hit wonder. We are all excited for the future.” V.I.C. brings a dangerous, defiant mix of cipher-hardened lyrics and Southern bounce. He first carved out his name alongside famed Collipark signee Soulja Boy, who laid the production fire for V.I.C.’s “Get Silly.” After that came the ‘nuff-said song “Hot.” The slowed-down, syrup-sweet “Wifey Type” has registered a whopping 1.5 million plays on MySpace. His newest monster is “Say Bow” featuring J-Futuristic, produced by Collipark and Mister Hanky. The club ground shaker is already making big noise independently on the charts. When the “Say Bow” video, recently shot in the streets of ATL by multimedia maven DJ Skee, drops expect tremors no matter where you’re located. Note also the infectious party-jam "Wobble Wobble" produced by Mr. Collipark and The Package Store production team. Over a polyrhythmic drum track and festive horn section, V.I.C. mannishly spits: "I'm so explicit/ but I can't help it/ My flow is ridiculous/ The boy got a gift/ like it's gotta be Christmas." Elsewhere, V.I.C. sits tall on 24-inch chrome wheels with Louisiana bad boy Hurricane Chris atop deep southern kick drums and shimmering bells on the bouncy "Ridin." "It's still punch lines, but now it's more universal. I see the bigger picture. I want everybody to understand me," he says. "My style is southern because I was raised here, but I'm snapping. You can tell when you hear me rap that I have a northern influence." Whether it’s danceable party jams to keep the crowd hype or introspective, poetic parables, V.I.C. offers it all. Take it from the MC himself: “V.I.C. is a future superstar, first and foremost. I feel blessed and highly favored to be put in the right hands of labels and moguls who know how to position a superstar and promote him the way he needs to be promoted.” This is the year of V.I.C. Say Bow. Then just say WOW!


V.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic - Say Bow (Clean)

V.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic - Say Bow (Dirty)

V.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic - Say Bow (Instrumental)



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