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  1. Nina B Blanka Ft. Bambi - Hollup

    This is dope!! good lookz on the track I feel sorry if you think this is not hot!!!!
  2. Keep me in the loop djbgunz@gmail.com Goodlookz on this
  3. Good Look<<<< this beat is rocking !!!! 1 listen and got me That maN Said "they say I run the streetz but I'm just jogging"!!! I'm Douglas Park?Okeechobee Fl. I'm more than just a dj too!! I'm at the bottom lookin up!!! were the blackwater Rollz and the Back Woodz Ent. is nothing more than Liquid Mindz. thankz for this missle heater here!!
  4. Produce by Lex Luger <<<He's been hitting!
  5. new young jeezy

    I know theres alot of tracks out
  6. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    you said I would have it tommrow, I will pull my post up and rep for you, if you have my shit tommrow, and another payment on the way for the next one, that easy!!!!
  7. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    You might wanna get you Dj game up LiL Homie!!!!
  8. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    dawg I push a thousad in a weekend, You can drop a 100 at a high school
  9. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    1000 for 67 , what the hell you going to do with a 100???
  10. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    let me put you in the game son..... just me www.rushflyers.com you also got www.jkdprinting.com and if you need CD Duplicated hit me up for prices djbgunz@gmail.com
  11. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    Whats crazy is I spent 20.00 with him, and didn't get shit, But Dawg I got real money>>> I got other grapix people too, Im going to hit you up Joe, and get you to do some for me.... Than you come back in here and tell them how much I spend with you ok!!!!! I just don't see how you pick and Choose to do work for people!!! I seen you had DJ Ames on your Myspace, my brother and him do mixtapes together!!!! Lets see how this change reaction happens over a 20.00 dolla bill..... I also seen you have Future Star Djs Logo on your page thats Kevin Garrets Dj Coaliotion, and Dj Lnyce.... Not going to sit well!!!! Dawg you might make me put out a tape on you.... I seen your fat ass!!!! but glad it was just a 20.00, phone rang I just made 150.00 so hit me back up joe, I just hit your myspace!!!! Don't POST ON TJSDJS MYTH.... CAUSE THATs my stomping grouns and you are DONE 4 on that site too, go to www.iwanttomakemoney.com and learn what good bizzness is
  12. Kane - Fresh 2 Death (Produced by Tazzproductions)

    hot track here !!! stay up homie!!!
  13. Young Black - The Whole Process (Rich Mind Records)

    says whole processes link has been removed
  14. Angel That Dude - No Mo

    I need Some real Feedback on this one I will give my thoughts< I Think this is Fiya, Cause I can relate in someways with this!!!!!!! I think the beat is Tight and the Lyrics are good , My self I haven't heard anything Like this, For a Good Min!!!! i will give more info on him just hit me back or leave a reply http://www.zshare.net/audio/645660368295e079/
  15. The-Dream - Sweat It Out

    Propz on this one Homie!!!