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    Born and raised in Jackson, MS, I'm a product of the South. Easy going for the most part
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    Music, DJing, Women.....
  1. F.L.Y (Fast Life Yungstaz) Ft. Roscoe Dash - Im So Gone (Produced By K.E.)

    Club ready indeed... FUI sountrack... FLY Under the Influence LoL...
  2. Beezie Ft. GB & Fame - Wet (Produced by Durdy C)

    Thatz song is ridiculous... Man I already downloaded it and made it into a ringtone for these skeezers LoL
  3. Rihanna Ft. Young Jeezy - Hard (Produced by Tricky Stewart)

    Not really feelin it... Seems like Jeezy tries to save the track
  4. Gucci Mane Ft. J-Money - Superhero

    One of the best tracks off the movie 2
  5. Jay-Z - Ghetto Techno (Produced by Timbaland)

    I ain't exactly sure where Jay is at wit this album...
  6. Clipse Ft. Pharell - I'm Good (Produced by The Neptunes)

    Any Pharrell jump off is gon have that soulful jumpoff. You know he take care of Clipse so I was feelin it when I saw tha title lol
  7. He kinda sounds Soulja Boy-ish... J we know this ain't you. Don't do this bruh!
  8. Lil Phat & Webbie - Do It Bigger

    I'm on it... Mix'N nicely! Dirty this one up
  9. G-Side College Chicks

    I'm wit it! I can see this go'N if itz broke right
  10. Rich Kids - A Feeling I Get

    Yeah thatz Lil Ru and Rick Ross on tha link
  11. The-Dream - Hit It On The Road

    This is why I love Green Hitz! My Patna just said I need to go get this and Green Hitz got tha promo wait'N on me
  12. New Boyz Ft. Ray J - Tie Me Down

    I don't kno about this one... Sounds kinda forced
  13. Derty Ft. Lil Boosie - Uh Oh (remix)

    We be ham'N to this in Jackson right now
  14. Lil Rod - Do It Wit No Hands

    I could see it. Prolly won't see tha primetime for a minute but I could use it in the 1st quarter