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    Louisiana, Texas, Mississipi, & Alabama
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    Producing music, networking & marketing
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    Born & raised in Baton Rouge, La. started Djing at 11. producing at 13, got signed to a company in Jackson, MS as an artist/producer at 18.
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    Relaxing, fishing, camping

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  1. Check out my new artist, Young Trey ft Phunk Dawg, Jaws Locked. Hit us up for drops and promos. BOW!!!!


  2. Thanks for the comment on Turn Up 2 Da Max! Let us know if you need any drops from Da Hood Mayor or Myself. And once again, thanks!!!

  3. "Loco Coco" by Sug AC (Prod by #FUKET!!!)

    CHeck it out!!!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/yens8rlx0e24mz0/Loco Coco.mp3?dl=0

  4. New Zydecp & LineDance "Ratchet 2 Step Zydeco" by Stephanie McDee (Prod. by Phunk Dawg) 

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p8wg92h1j0sn5s/Ratchet 2 Step Zydeco (Club Version)-Stephanie McDee.mp3?dl=0


  5. New from Sug AC Loco Coco. Hit me up if you need drops. Thanks!!!


  6. Check out Sug AC New Song, Loco Coco. Inbox me if you need a drop from the artist thnks in adveance!! Bow!!


  7. New Heat from Sug AC Loco Coco. Inbox me for drops  for Sug AC


  8. New Heat from Sug AC "Loco Coco". Inbox me if you need drops! 


  9. Thanks for the feedback on my artist Sug AC, "A Good Tyme".

    Check out another one Loco Coco by Sug AC prod by #FUKET!!!

    And she's available for drops, promos, etc... Thanks once again. BOWWW!!!


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