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Bread Brothers Ft. Young Dro - She Like It

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Label: After Money Records @678.495.2400

Management: Weather Man Enterprises. contact : MJ Da Weatherman @678.495.2400 or 404.453.4236

For Press Contact information for Drops & Booking contact: MJ Da Weatherman @678.495.2400 or 404.453.4236 email : weathermanmj@yahoo.com

Bio's of artist:

Bread Brothers was put together in 1996 the group consist of blood brothers and cousins. That go by the names of Mr. Mr. Pnut, 180 Gold, and Breadman. The group focus is to bring hard to heart music; and a positive impact to the youth today. Breadbrothers was rasied in the heart of Atlanta. From the hard streets of Capital Homes to Dill Ave., Broad st. and Campbellton Rd. The Breadbrothers were inspired by the late James Brown, The Jackson 5, RunDMC, and NWA. Also not to forget the late 2pac and Biggie.

The leader of the group is Mr. Mr. Pnut. He was born at Grady Hospital to Valarie Baker and the late John Lewis Hightower II. Mr. Mr. Pnut was playing the drums in church back in 1984. He wrote his first rap song in 1988. When his father was gun down in 1993 it changed his whole out look on life. Mr. Mr. Pnut didn’t put his trust in just anybody. People say he became mean and more agressive. During that time he weren’t focus on music at all. In 2006 Mr. Mr. Pnut saw one of his best friends killed in front of him. Now that’s what made him change and leave the streets alone and focus more on his family and his music. Mr. Mr. Pnut always been a leader even in the streets. Famous rappers today respect him as agreat lyricist.

Breadman was born at SouthWest Hospital. To Vallie Hightower and Steven Wilson Sr. He’s the youngest in the group. Breadman started doing music with the brothers in 2000. He liked doing music but his mind was still in the streets. Breadman took music serious in 2006 when he seen his bestfriend get life plus 20 years. That made him want more out of life.

180 gold was born at SouthWest Hospital to Valerie Baker. Mr. Mr. pnut is my next to oldest brother and Breadman is my cousin. I’m the black sheep out my brothers.I was in the streets hard selling drugs, in and out jail, and prison. I started feeling hopeless and helpless with no where to turn to; but the streets.When I lost my right hand man Ronald Burke Jr. known as “lil’ man” passed away and he wasn’t doing wrong in the streets like I was. That’s when I knew it was time for a change and God was showing me the same thing I knew from the start, ” Leave The Streets Alone”. It was time to get back to what I love the most entertaining, performing, and doing music as a BreadBrother. I was tired of being robbed, shot, shot at, and stabbed in the game. We went thru hell to get to where we at now, with alot of hard work,dedication and most of all patients; but to sum it’s all up I’m still a D-Boy but that’s irrellevant.

Producer of "She Like it" track is "Two Band Geeks"

The song was produced and released in Atlanta,Ga.

Links for Bread Brothers:

BREADBROTHERS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Breadbrothers AftermoneyRecords | Facebook

Bread Brothers (Breadbrothers1) on Twitter



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MySpace - BreadBrothers - 26 - Male - Atlanta, Georgia - myspace.com/bgm2007

After Money Records:

website: aftermoneyrecords.com

AfterMoneyRecords (AfterMoneyRec) on Twitter

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Guest stedybeets

played it 3 times... it wuz o k but sounded like a couple of other similiar cutz out there .. and I wasn't

feelin those either. but hey... just my opinion

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Bread Brother def Hot.........They should get with DEM Get-A-WAY Boyz for a LABO. CHeck out some of DEM GET-A-WAY Boyz music attached, if you like you should get with them for a LABO and push it in atlanta

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