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  1. Wrong..... Did you even read the post...? I said back in 2008 I said an upbeat, club, dance song The lyrics don't match
  2. Ok I know I had asked this a while back but still noone knows. I was down in the dirty dirty when I heard it back in 2008. In Gulfport, MS to be exact but it samples Levert's "Casanova" and here are a piece of the lyrics: "oh miss bend over, me and romeo ain't never been frineds, can't you see how much I wanna fuck you, and I keep on saying it time and time again" If anyone knows who the artist is or has the track please let me know..... awethentikproductions@gmail.com
  3. Yo I'm feelin dis junt right here........ Awethentik Approved
  4. Dis junt aight n I think it got some potential.......
  5. New Single XO - Hit Me On My Hip Zip file includes ---> Clean, Dirty, Intrumental, Dirty Acapella MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service Awethentik Approved Contact: xomuzik@gmail.com
  6. Dis junt def. gotta nice vibe to it. Somethin you can really ride to.... Awethentik Approved
  7. Yo this def. got some big potential Awethentik Approved
  8. Yea YO BK def. in tha building. I feel both of these got some potential and uma slap the seal on it........ Awethentik Approved
  9. Dis junt aight, Got some potential
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