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  1. BB RiseNGrind BreakfastJam Is On 2ListenClickLink&PressPlay https://t.co/1BY7q2PfyE #Flava107 N Ya Ears247 https://t.co/NqXKJ6QOq7

  2. The Flava WDRL is now on the air Testing 1 2 1 2 1 2 @BigFaceORG follow the movement @FlavaWdrl https://t.co/ppDXbSfgCT

  3. That's how its done put out 2 or 3 joints at the same dam time
  4. more flava for the radio and the sreet heat turn up
  5. Turn down for what this flava blast on our radio station
  6. another one that's gonna bang on radio and in the streets
  7. Flava got this joint on blast < ON >The Flava WDRL LIVE365.COM
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