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HurraSeason - Hatin

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The Life of HURRASEASON: A determined, innovated and strong motivated young brother, who was born in New Orleans. By the age of 7, he had to move with his family to Louisville, Kentucky, 1200 miles away from his original birth place (New Orleans, Louisiana). Kentucky became his second home. As a teenager, he grew up around jazz and the newly found hip hop era. He became passionate to making music. By the age of 15, he was signed to his first Independent contract and has kept it pushing ever since. He is no stranger to the elements of crime nor a troubled home. Being a structured black man, he learned to deal with tough conditions. Every since birth his mother and father rapped and sung him songs to ease the pain of the rough world around him. The struggling living conditions, lack of money and learning how to sell drugs just to feed and clothes himself. It prepared him at an early age to survive in this tough world. Times were hard, he took his life experiences and wrote about it. He has performed in talent shows and in the local parks making his skills better. He is driven and has a better understanding of what the music business is about through experience. Now, he just wants his chance for the world to hear him and to be apart of the hurraseason era. Also, He would like for the talent that was giving to him by the creator to give refuge to those who need it.

Hurraseason BKA Hurricane on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Hurraseason (Hurraseason) on Twitter

Hurra Season | Facebook

Contact Persons:

Label: Crunchtime Entertainment Inc.

E-Mail: camp3423@aol.com

Phone: 502-472-6083

Manager: Doug Harris

E-mail: djdarny@yahoo.com

Phone: 213-258-9595

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Guest stedybeets

NOT a club banger BUT track nice ! vocal production good. I think REGULAR folk will feel it. I just think that many of our young rappers rely on the HORN synth track TOO much. That's just me. Keep doin ya thang !! ONE !

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the flow is laid back, the hook got a nice country swag to it, the beat is smooth, Even though the concept is about haters but at the same time it do have that pimp type vibe to it, 2 thumbs up!! It's true when a nigga is not doing nothing, they cool but when u make moves jealously & hatin start coming into play.

Edited by Maz

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