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Bama Boy - Seen Nothing (Produced by Bama Boy)

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What do you think of my new single "Seen Nothing"  

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  1. 1. What do you think of my new single "Seen Nothing"

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    • Boring
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This is a new single from ya boy ( Bama Boy a.ka Mike B. ) Presenting what to you real hip-hop from the upcoming artist Bama Boy. Let your ears do the listening not only to the beat to also to his lyrics. Clean Perfected no profane language in this one, this artist expresses himself to the limit. Words that are transverse to an image. Can you see how he explains himself in his new single? Leave some feedback let him know if your feeling this track or not.

Thanks for your time.

Email: ( tarrence23@msn.com) ( micah.bankston@gmail.com)

Whenever you get the chance could you check out my new single called "Seen Nothing" can you please send back some feedback on my new single I would greatly appreciate it Thanks. Let me know can I get some spins?

"Bama Boy-Seen Nothing-(Produced by Bama Boy) Clean Version"


"Bama Boy-Seen Nothing-(Produced by Bama Boy)Instrumental


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