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The Healing Of The Heart


The Harmonizing Of The Hemispheres


Underground Hip Hop Blog writes: "Artur is presenting a brand new style of hip hop of his own that he refers to as “ascension rap” and: "The teachings spread throughout it’s 50 minute course most certainly have the power to help one through the dimensional shift & the production fits the ascendant themes quite well."

I feel greatly honored to receive such positive feedback, especially since this entire production was created with the purpose and intend to make you feel empowered.

If you feel like you have struggled enough and wish to fully comprehend the structure of physical reality in and of itself in order to allow for energy to serve you, then T.H.O.T.H. (The Harmonizing Of The Hemispheres) may be just be the uplifting journey in sound that you need in order to truly allow yourself to fully step into your own limitless power. Time-coded information for the generations that have passed and are passing through the Arcturian Gate #StarseedsActivate #PowerToThePeople #TheGreatShift #AscensionRap  
And while the topic of alien life may be quite specific in its algorithm, Moving On Up is dealing with the ancient knowledge that lies hidden in the depths of the Giza Plateau, underneath and between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, and inside your DNA!
T.H.O.T.H. (The Harmonizing Of The Hemispheres) is now available on Bandcamp: https://artur144.bandcamp.com/track/we-bring-the-magic-back-album-version
T.H.O.T.H. Teaser:
Artur appears in the award winning documentary Alien Abduction: Answers
Moving On Up (Level Up Now) Official Music Video:
#UplineCreations #MovingOnUp #LevelUp #LevelUpNow #Artur144 #ArturJanuszDomowicz #Thoth 


Moving On Up - Artwork.jpg

10. Artur - Moving On Up (Level Up Now).wav

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