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Drake - November 18th (DJ Package)

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Mark my words. . . . Drake is changin' the GAME. It's about time sombeody decided to take Hip-Hop to the next level!!

Shit is HOT!!!!

how is he changing the game. by letting us know he been writing waynes shit for the past year and half (sounds like that to me - rhyme schemes are way too much alike.

dont get me wrong he is live i like da kid but he aint gone change the game. in order to change the game u have to do something like pac did.

he had muthafuckas scared to rap cuz what he said was so real. everybody wanna be a rapper and it dont take much now, just make up, a dance, have a catchy hook, or use the hell out of some metaphors.

oops did i give away he recipe

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Drake's sound is unique to everything else that's out right now. No catchy "ring-tone" hooks, no dance, and his lyrics actually have a message. Everybody sounds the same right now, which is why Drake is getting so much attention. If he's writing Lil Wayne's rap, then he must be doing something right, huh? If there are similarities between some of his stuff and the stuff that's out now, it's only for the purpose of staying competitve. At the end of the day, he's still gotta move units right? But everything he's put out so far has not only been hot, but they don't all sound the same. Just like yo boy Pac.

Pac did the exact same thing when he first came out. He had a different sound, and he was right at the cusp of rap with meaningful lyrics and gangsta rap. Remember, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Eric B & Rakim etc, etc, then came gangsta rap? Tupac had the thug edge, but still delivered his message with lyrics that meant something.

If it wasn't for the beats, would you listen to half the stuff cats are puttin' out these days??

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