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Found 5 results

  1. SiKE

    Imperial Effect

    08 - Where Are You (Feat Newborn Da Joker) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp307 - You Aint Ready ( Feat Da Joker Allure Basiikz Newborn) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp306 - Turn Up ( Feat Newborn Allure Da Joker Basiikz) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp305 - On The Scene (Feat Newborn Da Joker Basiikz Allure) Prod By Tallent Clark.mp304 - My Pretty Baby (Feat Allure Da Joker Newborn Basiikz) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp303 - Old School (Feat Allure Basiikz Newborn Da Joker) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp302 - illimatic (Feat Newborn Allure Basiikz Da Joker) Prod By Sidney Swift.mp301 - Intro.mp3
  2. Hey! I'm a radio dj/host and voiceover artist from London and I've been requested to record jingles drops etc for jockeys all around the world. Why? Because I have a sexy signature voice that perfectly blends mixtapes, shows, stations and recordings. If you're interested please visit my voiceover website. I offer custom and affordable services. Please feel free to follow up with any questions or enquires. Thanks Chantel'e
  3. http://youtu.be/CyXME8NUJ4w
  4. Stand out from the rest of the artist getting their production from the internet! Make hit songs for your mixtapes, albums, youtube videos, promotion and more! Pick original beats from professional producer!! Get Exluisive rights and trackouts for your albums! http://needslaps.com/?p=283&preview=true&preview_id=283&preview_nonce=227dc02aa6
  5. EVOLUTION MS - E SCIENCE (Free Instrumentals - Beat Tape) 13 free quality new-school hip-hop, trap, step, ... beats / instrumentals produced by belgian producer Arnaud Asselberghs aka Evolution MS (24/7 makin' music since 2006) The goals of this free beattape release are simple: first share quality beats to hip-hop music fans, rappers, ... + Looking 4 new collabs, serious projects, partners (artists, labels,...) for 2K14 so if you feel me & my musical style keep in touch: evolutionstyle@hotmail.fr Listen & download: https://soundcloud.com/ems666-b/sets/evolution-ms-e-science-free Enjoy the music ! Arn-O / Evolution M.S. + 32 498 15 77 13 http://www.evolutionms.blogspot.com http://soundcloud.com/evolutionms @evolutionms
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