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    I started making music on Bandlab. I enjoy listening to various genres. I often read books and watch alot of movies and TV shows. I use the gym regularly.
    What If, The Walking Dead, Stargirl.

    Muse, Slipknot, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Rob Dougan, Johnny Cash.
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  1. https://amzn.to/3EGkCWL https://youtu.be/Jj2nX2BDTYY Voici votre chance de précommander le nouvel album. #kidamnesia Radiohead Check out KID A MNESIA by Radiohead https://youtu.be/vnhKaCjCIqM
  2. Get the album here New releases LIFE AFTER SALEM.mp3
  3. I rented The Forever Purge from Google Play Movies for £15.99. This film will trigger the right-wing asshat in America. Taking place years after Election Year. The purge night has been reinstated. For 12 hours crime is legal. You are seeing things from this couple who are Mexican immigrants. Influenced by the Trump era as was The First Purge. They have settled in Texas. The wife works at a food factory and the husband is an employee on the ranch. Some characters are liberal whilst others are bigoted. The actress that was Tess in Smallville is in this. Racism and classism are topics covered in the film. There are tensions brewing. There is a white supremacist group that want to keep the purge going. Seeing bipoc take them on will trigger the right-wing whites. They being tonedeaf and don't like being seen as the bad. A scifi horror. Apocalypse. Think of The Walking Dead but without the zombies. Fights between factions. The sister on the family farm is hot. Possibly has a thing for one Mexican guy. The father reminds me of John McCain. The son is prejudiced. The one Mexican actor reminds me of the demon guy in the Constantine film. Might be the same actor. Good soundtrack especially end credits song. Good acting from all cast and extras. Irony of Canada and Mexico offering refuge to Americans. I will look into the area around the border and the reservation. Colonisers going crazy and not realising that this land was never theirs. If you enjoy violent films then see this film. Wait for the price to go down as I know it was cheaper to see this in the cinema. Paying now is like buying a dvd. Trailer Amazon France Amazon https://patreon.com/solitarymaninblack
  4. I wanted to create a house tune. So here it is. Amazon Bandcamp Solitarymaninblack-Nice-house_-by-the-way.wav
  5. I had been looking for hiphop acapellas. I discovered Gilbere Forte - Pray and had some fun with it. Download it from http://Solitarymaninblack.bandcamp.com Get 85% off on all my songs. Feel free to use the songs for whatever you like. I recommend this site for getting new, music onto the radio. Here is a site similar to Soundcloud. Solitarymaninblack -Poppers-.wav
  6. Found the acapella to the original on YouTube. I built the instrumental around it. http://Solitarymaninblack.bandcamp.com Check out my YouTube channel. Solitarymaninblack-Remember-The-Name-_Shinoda-bucks-remix_-.wav
  7. A song by Solitarymaninblack https://amzn.to/3xsTeHP https://amzn.to/3jKvfjh 85% off on all my songs. http://Solitarymaninblack.bandcamp.com Also visit ITunes, Deezer, Spotify etc. I created this in one take on Bandlab. Looked at the chords for Muse Uprising and wound up with this. http://Ivegot99problemsbutabitchaintone.blogspot.com Pics and videos available here http://Bentbox.co/solitarymaninblack https://solitarymaninblack.picfair.com/ https://linktr.ee/Solitarymaninblack I have tshirts with my designs for sale. Cduniverse Solitarymaninblack - Loughborough.wav
  8. This song samples Furious Angels by Rob Dougan. I created it on Bandlab. You can get this song here https://amazingradio.com/profile/solitarymaninblack Look up Solitarymaninblack or Fangina on YouTube to see my content. Like and subscribe. My music is on sites like Amazon, ITunes, Deezer, Spotify, Bandlab, Bandcamp. Solitarymaninblack-Furious-Angles.wav
  9. Remix of a remix. Solitarymaninblack - Lelandphilpot- Agatha (Hex rewrote the DNA remix).m4a
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