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    The ones that last longest in the Music Business, are those who have multiple paths to contribute to self and others . For Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels, the paths started early in New Iberia, Lousiana continued to grow during his Pre-Katrina Jazz & Classical College years in New Orleans, and expand even to this day. For the last 18 years, Mr. Daniels strives to be on the forefront of where independent music and business combines; whether it be through his own 5 album discography while touring from Atlanta to Las Vegas; The dozen or so credits as a producer and/or 3 instrument musician; Two internationally syndicated radio shows, Urban Flosarus & The Grapevine, that broadcast in 11 countries. Even the 100+ events he's hosted to present other artists.

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  1. Cool groove I can see multiple Dub remixes that can come out of this!
  2. I've always respected Wale since his collab with The Roots. I'll add this to the library
  3. OK! Music with a Message. I'm digging it. Gonna add it into rotation
  4. Yeah I can spin this and see where it goes.....
  5. It's not bad. I can spin it and try it out.
  6. Jams I hear the classic replay musically, and I like the flip. Can definitely play on Urban Flosarus. Might be able to spin on my other show The Grapevine as some modern Grown Folks Music.
  7. Yeah... I can spin it on the radio show and see how it grows.....
  8. I'm diggin it. I can spin it on both of my radio shows, Urban Flosarus & The Grapevine
  9. yeah this one works here! I'm digging it and will be spinning it!
  10. So yeah, I'm feeling this groove. I can spin this.
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