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  1. Do th Jizzle, Jizzle, Jizzle... I heard my boy D.J. Firestarter playin this one on BLAZIN' 92.1 WJJN FM -Dothan, Alabama. Great track. Already put it into rotation...
  2. I am lovin this track. MayBach music... This is a definite club banger.
  3. Ahh man, if yall ain't up on dat KingSouth, u better get wit it. This dude is doing the damn thang in Alabama, GA & the FLA
  4. King South is jumpin off in every club in Alabama. This dude is cool and he also has a good stage show. Be on the lookout for King South.
  5. This is a hot track in Alabama. SOMETHING for the ladies to request. 9/10
  6. DJ. Flake

    Plies - Becky

    I like this track. I know the club gon like this. I'm gonna get this spinnin' 2night to see what it do. But I d beleive "That Becky" will be in the street language in about a week.
  7. Whassup Greenhitz fam? I need "COULDN'T BE A BETTER PLAYER INSTRUMENTAL" if someone has it. Thanks in advance......D.J. Flake
  8. Jeezy doin his thang like always. This track really sounds good. Imma bump it in the club, but it really sounds like some ridin' music to me. This that shit that the thugs listen to on the way to the club. MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK
  9. B-Hamp got'em doin the ricky bobby all over Alabama. good track. See ya in Montgomery, Alabama June 20, 2009.........
  10. This my kinda shit right here. When is Joc droppin a new album????
  11. GRAND HUSTLE in the building. This has a good sound to it. I think this is some vibin music.
  12. track is a lil weird, but i like the production. I'm gonna get it spinnin to see what it do in my area.
  13. I Need Some More Feedback On This. Please...
  14. This track is causing some movement in the clubs in Alabama. Give me some feedback on it please. http://www.zshare.net/audio/573959592b811196/
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