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  1. Travis Porter - Go Shorty Go

    hot shi.
  2. Dorrough - I Want (Xmas Hood Anthem)

    nice track
  3. Unladylike - D'ough (Promo Pack)

    this track is on the album. the album release was in june
  4. SupaStarr - Million Dollar Sermon

    i'm ill is a killaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa track.
  5. Grand Hustle Presents... Spodee

    thx 4 da trackz.
  6. Unladylike - D'ough (Promo Pack)

    I know the song already but it is still hot
  7. Nicole Scherzinger - Zoo (Produced by Timbaland)

    very nice rnb track.
  8. Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back (Produced By Fingaz)

    damn thats a hot track....post link
  9. Swagger Music - Greetings

    i like the beat/track but it could use some more energy on the track bwoi but great job
  10. C. Luva - Club Scene Queen (Produced by LuVa)

    club bangaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ma bwoi....i spin that
  11. XO - Club Hoppa

    club bang
  12. Rockstar - 1 A.M.

    da beat is hot... this track rock