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  1. "Take Off" - Georgia Boi

    Simply a
  2. "Gucci Good" by Shawdy B

    Shawdy B (born as Brandon Jerell Betts), was born in Dallas Texas and relocated to North (Nawf) Atlanta in 1994 at the age of 7. Growing up in the metro area, Shawdy B was your regular kid, playing sports, video games, etc. As he grew older into his early teenage years, he was introduced to the street life as well as taking an interest in music. He began producing beats at the age of 15 and started writing lyrics at age 16. By 17 he was head first in the streets, chasin fast money and constantly in dangerous altercations with local enemies. He lost focus on music until he and 4 of his closest boys formed a music group ABG, which was also the name of their street click. The group consisted of Shawdy B, Lil Menace, Lil C, Pancho C, and super producer Doh Boy.They together created a huge buzz with hit singles, Watch me do my dance, Retros, and G-County. With already having a name for themselves in the streets the music buzz took flight quicker than expected but it crashed just as fast. The group was forced to split due to members catching charges and having to due time in prison. Shawdy B did not stop pursuing his dream. He continued to produce and write his own material. Over the years, he gradually got better with his craft and decided it was time to take the music business seriously. In 2009 he began working on his debut mixtape, Trappaswaggadocious Vol. 1 The Birth. It was released in 2010 and has given him the buzz and respect he deserves for his hard work and dedication. He earned a number one slot on Greg Streets Nawfside Mixtape, and has been working hard non stop. He has a very strong in house team which consist of HBE (engineering), Vito The Champ, Doh Boy, S.U., V The Beast, Dub K and himself (production), Syndicate Djs, and Oouchie Da Boss (Da Boss Records CEO and mentour). Teaming up with other hot artist such as Mizz Thraxx, Headline, Captin Beezo, Cheeto Gambine, P Floata, Temper Boi, and many more, they are destined to put the Nawfside of Atlanta on the map! Twiturm.com - Shawdy B - I'm Gucci, I'm Good
  3. "Bag Back" by Mizz Thraxx

    Mizz Thraxx is a young female rap duo coming out of north ATL. It's made up of Lady Redd (17), born in Palatka, FL & Lady Buck (18), born in North Atlanta, GA. Both girls have been pursuing a rap career as solo artist for the last 5 yrs while remaining close friends. One day in late 2008, they ended up in the studio together by accident. What started out as a frienly rivalry end up being one of the most talented duo ever put together, and Mizz Thraxx was born. The young duo is very talented and sexy. They both have a rough upbringing that are expressed in there lyrics. They speak what a lot of young kids there age think. So if your looking for music that is rapped straight from the heart, check out Mizz Thraxx.They also have 2 independent music award nominations & 1 independent music award winner including 2009 Bout to blow Female artist of the year, 2009 Most slept on artist of thee year & won 2009 Best Teen artist of the year. And now have won the 2010 Bout To Blow Artist of the year. DJ's all over ATL and the southeast region, including Greg Street, DJ X-rated & DJ T-Roc have feel in love with the music & sound of the girls. Both there singles have been played on radio stations across the country. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/play/s/35d1586-109433/ Twiturm.com - Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back http://v103.radio.com/2010/09/15/greg-street-street-sertified-song-of-the-day-5/
  4. Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back (Produced By Fingaz)

  5. Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back (Produced By Fingaz)

    http://lnk.ms/4YKld this is the download link. Also check out this song. http://lnk.ms/3HF2t
  6. Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back (Produced By Fingaz)

    We're looking for a DJ to host our mixtape. E-mail oouchie@gmail.com for more info.
  7. go to the myspace page. www.myspace.com/gmggetmoney
  8. Mizz Thraxx - Bag Back (Produced By Fingaz)

    Thanks, my dog.
  9. Check out a new hot single from the young females out of North ATL. There 2 young females consisting of Lady Redd (17) & Lady Buck (18). You can also check out dem performing the song at a club in ATL. OR you can check out there Myspace page
  10. Check out a new hot single from the young females out of North ATL. There 2 young females consisting of Lady Redd (17) & Lady Buck (18). You can also check out dem performing the song at a club in ATL You can also check out the Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/gmggetmoney or follow us at twitter http://www.twitter.com/MizzThraxx or you can just google Mizz Thraxx
  11. "Bag Back is a new hot single hitting all the clubs in North Atl. Ms. Thraxx is a new hot young female group repping North ATL. Search for the song "Bag Back" it's hot. Email me if you want the mp3 of the song to play in ya club or if you wanna check it out. It's hot.oouchie@gmail.com