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    Currently active duty stationed at Fort sill Oklahoma
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    Nfl, Nba basketball, College Football and Basketball, Disc jockey Mystery fiction, Masonic, Politica
  1. absolutentertainment34@gmail.com
  2. lemme get that absolutentertainment34@gmail.com
  3. absolutentertainment34@gmail.com
  4. absolutentertainment34@gmail.com is da addy i want this joint
  5. can you send this to absolutentertainment34@gmail.com i can't find it to download it thanks
  6. @ slym b the link is not working email djodeum@gmail.com preciate it bruh
  7. nope not good at all and gorilla zoe on this track? no way. not feeling the autotune as well.
  8. i'll let the crowd weigh in on this one
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