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  1. GAWBIDGE Everybody knows Girlrough can't rap and is Dike Jones b4 he hit puberty! LOL
  2. GAWBIDGE He Gay Salads is the epiphany (i learned that word from Freshaun lol) of what a WJ Wack Jockey sounds like bo! If you have him in yo corner, that's red n blue lights for "this artist needs supahype cuz him bein superwack is a understatement!"- LOL
  3. GARBAGE and GARBAGE freak a pole is the most ugliest thing i eva seen in my life!! I was at the radio station and she tried to mack bo, u kno give u that eye. In my head, i was like, "yo that girl staring at me ugly bo, please stop" Lol Then I looked and in my head was like "That's keyshia cole?!" She look strait like a crackhead in real life bo, she's hideous!" I wouldnt touch her with a 10 ft pole- evverybody knows her singing sux LMBO and my shauties say gushe womane look like a gremlin stuntin like he gq- LOL
  4. BEEN GARBAGE LOL plies is more commercial than a infomercial and a cartoon character- erybody above me smokin n djtj66 you smokin that work for postin this
  5. garbage This why women shouldn't date little boys!!! Cuz little boys play games with there mothers, thus making mom dukes have a psychological damage for when she meets that special hubby! Ladies, stay away and Thick False is the walkin mouthpiece for the illuminati and the worse rapper in history!!- LOL - evverybody above me smokin bo
  6. Garbage!! Addict Snorter is more underground than the bodies in West Philly-LOL erybody smokin above
  7. garbage it must be comedy friday cuz this is funny bo! LOL erybody above me smokin n the greenhitz administrator smokin for postin this
  8. I knew I smell red lobsta on this lame- LOL good look bo
  9. GARBAGE and CARTOONISH Sadity Toi sound like Foghog Leghorn took a interest in rap bo-!!! LOL and anybody who's rap name was made from the muppets babys then dressed up with flocka flame by ugly gushe womane is CLEARLY MADE UP BO everybody smokin above me
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