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    Cal Ripken Ft. Siara Shawn - The Way It Goes


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    Nothing says summer like songs about carefree living and beats that are perfect for two-stepping, and engineered cruising. Cue Cal Ripken’s latest single “The Way it Goes,” a laid-back track about living in your own lane, unapologetically.

    Featuring alternative soul songstress Siaira Shawn, Cal Ripken’s latest single gives us a peek into the life of the young MC without explaining too much or making excuses for anything. As the second release from the upcoming LP Proper Introduction, “The Way It Goes,” allows the audience to see Cal Ripken from a slightly different angle than his club friendly first single, “Non Stop.” Still ready to party, handle the ladies coming his way, and pass on the notion of moderation, this song sounds more like a man who is comfortable in his own skin than a young man being reckless because he’s young.

    Whether you’re looking for a song to vibe to, something for your BBQ playlist, or a new anthem, you should be checking for “The Way It Goes” by Cal Ripken featuring Siaira Shawn.

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