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    DjSearcy got a reaction from GreenHitz.com in O.T. Genasis Ft. Young Dolph - Cut It   
    shit go ham...I need that drop tho DJSearcy90@gmail.com
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    DjSearcy got a reaction from RGMBOIYAK in Maniac Ft. T-Rone & Young Cash - Irrelevant (Produced by B.R. onDaBeat)   
    Yeah Im gonna go in with this one
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    DjSearcy got a reaction from alze in Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low   
    It sounds like everything else but im sure it will grow on me
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    DjSearcy reacted to GreenHitz.com in Infinite Starr Le Flair - Show My A$$   
    You're mistakenly wrong if you believe Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper worth taking a second look at.
    Imagine Eminem's candor, Tupac's passion, and Kanye West's fearlessness on a song, the results - Infinite Starr Le Flair.
    Infinite Starr Le Flair (aka Monroe Kush) was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and is more than just your typical female from Mississippi with half of her head tattooed. She's 3Xs awarded and 6Xs nominated Best Female Rapper, and former basketball player of the Jackson State Tigers and the Kentucky Wildcats. She has an unheard vocal delivery meshed with a hypnotizing melodic delivery that satisfies the appetite of southern rap connoisseurs and soul diehards alike, often labeled as 'the female Tupac'. Unlike most female rappers, Infinite Starr self-writes all her music and reframes from sounding similar to other artist. With over 20,000+ CDs sold independently under her belt out the trunk of her car, Infinite Starr is here to introduce her new single to the world and show her ass.
    Follow @MonroeKush on twitter!
    For more new music and free downloads, visit http://infinitestarr.com

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