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    Writing raps since the age of 16-years-old he describes his childhood as rough, tough and isolated and even today, he is still working a hundred times harder to achieve his biggest goals and ambitions.

    When asked about his inspirations he says G Herbo and Lil Bibby due to the fact that they too come out of harsh conditions. These same inspirations are what inspired ReyX to continue to pursue music because in his eyes, if they can do it, then he can do it too. Self-liberation is most important to him and when in the foster care system, ReyX released his first mixtape titled “DIary of a Hood Kid”. This is one of two projects he’s released in addition to a number of singles as well, but ReyX understands that in order to really break into the industry, education is most important.

    Not only does he research and own all his publishing and intellectual property, but he understands that when he gets into a label situation that this creates the leverage that he wants to change his life. With the struggle at a young age to still working hard to become something he can be proud of, ReyX is definitely a face that is determined to persevere no matter what is thrown at him.

    To learn more about ReyX or his campaign, check out his latest single “Elfen Lied” and be sure to check out his page on UnitedMasters here: https://unitedmasters.com/reyx

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