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wuz up family ? ! This is really d j Stedybeets... and for those who know me PERSONALLY ..i.e: Brian Mullins ( BMZ productions ), d j Verb ( flavamixx ), K2iso2(lorenzo kelly) etc...and those I've recently met..- d j Murdock, d j Gemini, cassettefreaks, d j Bigg Dadd to name a few - probably wondering why I have not POSTED in a while. Seems in may... with this NEW site format... stedybeets got LOST ! ! ! Although, IF YOU " SEARCH " ME, I am still on the site...

along with my profile etc... I actually joined a year ago... have 4,000 posts ( 1766 in hip hop section )...several blogs... uploaded a ton of remixes ... I just can't log in anymore ! ! ! After TOO MANY emails to the "administrators" about this problem( starting in May 2011 ) only thing that has changed is that I have gone to "newbie" status and my join date is now 08-25-11. I am now in the " validating " group and I don't know why... Since my ORIGINAL username is still in the system all I asked was to have my PASSWORD reset ! It is one I've had for over 30 years. I have even sent my password to the " gate keepers " .... Still can't log in .... The reason for this post was to find out if ANYONE ELSE besides me & d j Verb have undergone this same situation. And if so... OTHER than re-registering how did you get your issue resolved ? Please email me at stedybeets@gmail.com so I may go thru the same process. Thanks for listening...

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