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Travis Porter - Spiffed Up

Atlanta, Georgia: December 15, 2008

Travis Porter is the newest group that SpitYoGame.com is backing. This young group signed just 3 weeks ago is making a huge impact in the Atlanta teen market. Their single, Baddest Bitch in The World has swept across the high schools and when performed in the club, all the girls go crazy. You can see the video of how crazy the club gets when the song come on here:

Travis Porter brings their own style and flavor to the hip hop scene. This is not another dance bubble gum group. They are a tad bit eclectic and are ready to show the industry that a young group can come out of atlanta with some real talent. Their myspace in just 3 weeks has climbed the charts to get over 2,000 plays a day. This is one of the most viral movements we have seen in a long time!


Travis Porter - Spiffed Up (Clean)

Travis Porter - Spiffed Up (Dirty)

Travis Porter - Spiffed Up (Instrumental)

Travis Porter - Spiffed Up (Acapella)


Travis Porter on MySpace!




E-Mail Me!

(404) 395-6616

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This song go so ham. They came all the way from "tea bag dat hoe" (who knew about that song lol) to this song. They gon blow up. They stay wit the hits.

hell yea... not to many people know this is the same group who made tea bag that hoe... lol... we dont really tell folks that shit...

but yea, the hits stay coming... if you take a look at the myspace page... everyone will notice we got 5 smash hits... hands down... its called talent

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