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  1. beat is tight on Gettin Money, sounds like shawty redd/gucci mane shit
  2. It's pretty good even tho he steals jeezy song but it's like a response to it and might be cool to play them back to back
  3. Hip Hop Gossip | Tiny & T.I. ARRESTED | Rapper And His Wife Busted In Los Angeles | Hip Hop Blog
  4. lion king? nice street single...but the word swag is dead
  5. How? Sounds like street/mixtape anthem to meStreetz about as lyrical as Birdman. Jones verse is on point I like how he raps faster than usual, sorta like Biggies flow but i think he used before.. beat is pretty good 7/10
  6. funny hair cut, dancing on the screen.. he must be talkin about Young La :[
  7. You're wrong. Prod by Eric Crawford, Marques Houston & Chris Stokes
  8. that video is kinda crazy she's like the new Lil Kim... Kim wishes she was this hot right now
  9. ^^Oh just download GH link then his are all good... someone sent me those in my email so I thought it would be the same and didnt bother to get his but his are all good..but ul.to sucks unless you got a premium
  10. Yeah definitely feelin this one bruh ....sounds like some Sean P of Young Bloods or old TI style.. more commercial type club call and response anthem 9/10
  11. Nice production and beat... sounds like some Shawty Redd type beat:cool: Chorus effect sounds a little weird to me.. but it's straight Don't think it would make you blow into mainstream but it's a nice joint to ride to.
  12. Sounds like some R. Kelly/Dream type over simple bangladesh beat but it's prod by Eric Crawford, Marques Houston & Chris Stokes >>thought his next album was called "Mattress Music" ? backup links: [LINKS REMOVED BECAUSE THEY WERE MESSED UP]
  13. yeah great idea, awesome hey hey hey part...... Your first mix? wow No way.. what are you using to make this too bad real billyjean studio acapella doesn't exist, at leas not online think it falls offbeat at the very end at like 3:50..Vocals seem a little low too.. [on the rough version because 2nd one is no longer available]
  14. You should mention this is the version where someone filtered out the "For sample clearance only" somehow-barely noticeable but still.
  15. this guys name is Lil Ronny Mothafucka for real? nice track but need to stop tryin to be gucci
  16. anyone got the acapella of this.. i think it would go with Rocos Umma Do Me beat for a blend
  17. Cool, almost sounds like Searn Garrett when he does that Prince thing
  18. tight beat and chorus 9/10 but F him for that one line he aint write nothin for Drake
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