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JW - Baik At It


Atlanta, GA: June 09, 2009

JW (Grade "A" Hustler) One may ask if "Hustlin is a way of life?" According to JW, " Life is a hustle, whether you working a nine to five or being your own boss or just hustlin in the streets. I understood to be the man, I had to make my stakes, make my mark, and fix my plate. Now I'm here nigga!" With all this being said, his passion to preach over various tracks allowed him to express his creativity in delivering his way of life in the streets to the booth. Born and raised in the heart of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale Florida, this certified phenom quickly raised many eyebrows with creditable Dee Jays such as DJ Infamous, the Aphiliates, Fernado, Holiday, Tay-Rock, Montay, Speedy, The Core DJ's and The Hitmen Dj's. At a young age, This Florida native knew he had to make it out of the hood. After becoming an outstanding athlete and receiving a full athletic football scholarship to Auburn University, He was destined to be NFL bound. Unfortunately, that door was closed which forced JW to resort back to the Hood, but with a plan. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create his own entertainment company "Ghost Entertainment." JW promoted some of the hottest club events in South Florida and began to become a household name. After a successful start, JW decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia (Home of the nightlife). He promoted a few events and rubbed elbows with a few Hip Hop rappers who had begun making their mark in Atlanta. With his 'Hustler Swag’ many thought he was a MC. But, that was just JW preaching truths and being a real man. So, one may wonder how he ended up rapping? JW says, "I didn't choose that game, the game stepped to me.” JW recorded his first song "Baik At It" which went into heavy rotation at some of the hottest clubs in Atlanta. The song took off flooding the streets and gained recognition from radio air personality Mami Chula of Hot 107.9. Now, doing countless shows and working towards making his album and mixtapes, "JW is Fully Focused." This rap scholar is truly on the mission to become the next to blow not only in the south where he pays his respect to southern rappers Outkast, Scarface, UGK, T.I.P, Rick Ross, Jeezy, J.T Money and Trick Daddy, This remarkable talent is determined to "Get it from the Muscle." Keep ya ear open to the streets, cause this "Grade A Hustler is on the grind and on a mission.


JW - Baik At It (Clean-Uptempo)

JW - Baik At It (Clean)

JW - Baik At It (Dirty)

JW - Baik At It (Instrumental)

JW - Baik At It (Acapella)


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(678) 240-0922

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Yo!!! I'm telling you!!! Do Not Sleep on J-Dub!!! He's making major noise in the streetz!!!! Hitz!!! He's in Atlanta and I'm trying to let it be known!!! I'm gonna get ya boy if you're sleepin on this now and try to bring it back as a GreenHitz exclusive!!! LOL!!!! Get it right NOW!!!!

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Guest DJ Tony Rez

im feelin this record man.. its got that dirty south gritty feel n that 808 bass is nice..

not usuall my cup of tea but it caught my ear.. ima look out for more of J-dub fo sho

stay up n keep em comin

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