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Silver Sache - Assertive Pigeon @SilverSache

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Silver Sache began his Music Career when he had to suffer the looting from the people of Petion Ville, Haiti to his and his Mother's house at Rue Rigaud. Silver later left the country to return three years later and he confronted the society letting Petion Ville know that he is an Assertive Pigeon to be reckoned with. In the same token Silver Sache met many successful women where he had to differentiate between sweet and sour. Most often times the women SS chose had close friends that he desired. And again, Silver Sache is an Assertive Pigeon. Whenever a relationship turns stale or sour Silver immediately ends the relationship. ‘ If you're not having fun then there's a problem.’ (JN: 6:46)  lafetela.com ‘Silver just had an issue where his girl was upset at him having mutual friends on FB. Silver Said FU-B. Fly, Fly Fly away cause we’re done.’

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