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  1. HERO-SOFT-332-You-re so pretty (Mastered with Sunroof at 100pct).mp3 01 - Just Me and You.mp3 HERO-SOFT-331-wait.mp3 HERO-SOFT-330-Just me and You.mp3 HERO-SOFT-329-Heartbreak (Mastered with Clear Sky at 100pct).mp3 HERO-SOFT-326-Mirela.mp3 HERO-SOFT-325-Gilti of love in you (Mastered with Aurora at 100pct).mp3 HERO-SOFT-324-The passion.mp3 HERO-SOFT-323-Baby Love Me (Mastered with Sunroof at 100pct).mp3 HERO-SOFT-313-Julia-80er-hommage (Mastered with Aurora at 100pct).mp3
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