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    Lynchburg Virginia
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    Rap veteran under the label of B.B.G ent. and Va inc
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    Poetry,Rapping,Fishing, Welding and Barboring

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  1. This song was made for the ring entrance of Big Wolf -X who's boxing in the D.C Maryland area you can see his fights on YouTube under that name eatin kaos(1).mp3
  2. Since the Vaccine was created in just a year there has been negative results of people still catching Corona virus even after the shots were tooken. kaos cant get it right.mp3
  3. I'm on tik tok as al-mateen bakra

    1. Al Qahira Bakra

      Al Qahira Bakra

      my email for bookings is markedwardrobinson1976@gmail.com

  4. You can find me on Twitter as Alahirab,Facebook as Al Mateen Bakra, SoundCloud as Al Qahira Bakra, YouTube as Alahira, Reverb nation ,sound click, jango radio, poetry.com etc.

  5. 01 Body Parts.wma by Al-qahira Bakra Harmful!.mp3 by Al-qahira Bakra
  6. SoundCloud.com Money in the Bag!.mp3 by Al-qahira Bakra
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