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  1. How do I get down with this? therealtoyabeats@gmail.com
  2. Toya Beats DJ Sexi Redd Miami, FL Hot Gyrl Radio hotgyrlradio@gmail.com therealtoyabeats@gmail.com
  3. DJ Toya aka Toya Beats therealdjtoya@gmail.com therealtoyabeats@gmail.com
  4. You won't be dissapointed!!! Super Producer Toya Beats aka The Queen of Beat Making Beats are here for Free Download! For more info contact therealtoyabeats@gmail.comThese special industry beats can be used for Promos, demos, showcases, and/or mixtapes! **Please if you use the beats for any entity, we request that you send Toya Beats a MP3 format copy of your song/project to therealtoyabeats@gmail.com** TOYA BEATS - FREE BEAT DOWNLOADS - 25 BEATS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! CLICK ON PLAYER TO HEAR EACH SONG. THE DOWNLOAD LINK Is BELOW! Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting IT'S ALOT OF FAKES OUT THERE BUT THERE'S ONLY ONE TRUE QUEEN OF BEAT MAKING!!!!!
  5. Super Female Producer Toya Beats aka Drumma Girl will be launching a new interactive website www.realtoyabeats.webs.com Check it out coming soon!
  6. DJ Toya Hot Gyrl Radio - Miami, FL djtoya@gmail.com hotgyrlradio@gmail.com www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com www.myspace.com/hotgyrlradio
  7. DJ Toya Hot Gyrl Radio - Miami, FL djtoya@gmail.com Visit www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
  8. DJ Toya Hot Gyrl Radio "We're getting hotter by the moment!" Thanks Green Hitz!!!! djtoya@gmail.com Visit www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
  9. Whats good its DJ Toya out of Miami, FL the 3.0.5. email me at djtoya@gmail.com or hotgyrlradio@gmail.com the chick with the hits!!!!
  10. Contact DJ Toya for exclusive interview on Hot Gyrl Radio Internet Show on www.blogtalkradio.com/hotgyrlradio email: hotgyrlradio@gmail.com or djtoya@gmail.com Visit www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
  11. twitter.com/latoyabroughton twitter.com/hotgyrlradio www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
  12. djtoya@gmail.com hotgyrlradio@gmail.com www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
  13. DJ Toya Miami, FL hotgyrlradio@gmail.com djtoya@gmail.com
  14. 1) www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com (Under construction) 2) Rap,Hip-Hop, R&B,Oldie goldies, Reggae, Gospel 3) djtoya@gmail.com or hotgyrlradio@gmail.com 5) DJ Toya
  15. DJ Toya Hot Gyrl Radio www.BlogTalkRadio.com www.myspace.com/hotgyrlradio www.hotgyrlradio.webs.com
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