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    Very talented aspiring rapper from the DFW metroplex!
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  1. Soon as you hit play, you're ALREADY ROCKIN! You saw how that "Dumb Dummy" was rockin!
  2. Yet ANOTHER MONSTER OF A TRACK by ARLINGTON, TEXAS artist JT Guaranteed to Wreck! Great LYRICS, FUN VIBE, CATCHY HOOK, and NO CURSE WORDS! Ladies & fellas would LOVE THIS ONE! DOWNLOAD: "Down Down Down" (Clean/Radio) - JT Guaranteed to Wreck "Down Down Down" (Acc) - JT Guaranteed to Wreck For instrumental, email jtmusik@yahoo.com Booking: E-Mail Dru - Drudon.pmp@gmail.com
  3. Let's rock this club til the roof come down!!!!
  4. Yeaaaaaaaa! We goin ALL THE WAY LIVE WITH THIS ONE! I rock shows with this track even if they don't know the song, they're ALWAYS singing it after I leave!
  5. Ya'll remember to keep in contact with me on how people are responding to it!
  6. Just had a show LAST NIGHT...STOOPID FOOL BRO!
  7. Let me know how it go! It's spreadin like wildfire in da DFW 4real!!
  8. Fa sho fa sho! If ya'll need drops or need to contact me hit my email jtmusik@yahoo.com Let's make this mug take ova!!!!
  9. Hell yuhh Phil, let's do it bro! This hoe hit radio yesterday!!!
  10. You know how I get down bro! A-Ayyyeeee! www.WHOJT.com
  11. JT Guaranteed to Wreck is DFW's most promising artist combining lyrics, delivery, attitude, humor, intelligence and versatility on EVERY song! World...JT GOT NEXT! For Booking: Dru - 9722135455 DOWNLOAD the DUMB DUMMY SERVICE PACK BELOW: DOWNLOAD (21,000 Views in LESS THAN A WEEK!) WWW.WHOJT.COM
  12. Unknown Artist - She A Fool Wit It

    ayyy i got you on drops