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    Birmingham, UK
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    I go by the producer name of JXII (pronounced J12)� from Birmingham. UK.

    After years of not making any form of music i've now found time to get back to what i love most...which is music.

    Currently an independent House music producer.

    This time off has taught me not to sit on a gift and that life is too short.
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    Creating music for people to enjoy.

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  1. Here is another update of my previous upload this has now been fully sound engineered. This will be officially released on the 12thFebruary on all major platforms. Music should be used to bring everybody together they need us out there at these times. Keep going and pushing. Produced by JXII Rock-My-Time 120bpm - Produced by JXII.mp3
  2. Please see attached a fully mastered and mixed down version my previous upload Artificial Colours this will be released soon to the general public but not sure when yet. Hope you all enjoy it. Produced by JXII Artificial-Colours - 128bpm Produced by JXII.mp3
  3. This song will be released soon once mix and mastering is sorted professionally. Enjoy made it today. Thinking About - 130bpm - Afro House Produced_by_JXII.mp3
  4. Unreleased material Gluten Free - 130bpm INSTRUMENTAL FiNaL EDIT - Produced_by_JXII.mp3
  5. Unreleased track will be released soon. Waiting for sound engineer to work on this then i will reupload. A New Game - JXII 120bpm.mp3
  6. Unreleased track will be released soon. Waiting for sound engineer to work on this then i will reupload Rock My Time - 120bpm JXII.mp3
  7. Unreleased track will be released in next month or so. Waiting for sound engineer to work his magic on this then i will reupload. Artificial Colours - JXII.mp3
  8. Early production unreleased Inner-Spirit_[Compressed-48.mp3
  9. Unreleased track pending release this year. Room That Gives - JXII MaStEr.mp3
  10. Tribal/ Uk Funky edition of Kate Wild Bassmore Not yet released to the general public the vocals used is royalty free. Will be released in the next few months. Bassmore_JXII Edition128bpm.mp3
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