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    I love to make music, music and music
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    I am a little producer from Austria. I live in Salzburg. I am not married. I work full time a week as a building worker and next to that I create my music. So that's it.
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    All kind of Sports, to hear music and to create music.

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  1. That's my try of the new mastered song "I Am No Hero". Prophety Soundworks Mastering I Am No Hero fertig 2 WaveLab + LE 1 expo 1 am 08.09.2020.wav
  2. Song 141 I Am done with you fucking Nazi WaveLab + LE 1 expo 1 06.09.2020-01 (Mastered with Clear Sky at 77pct).wav
  3. Song 140 Feeling Right fertig 1 2.2 WaveLab + Elements + LE 1 expo 1 06.09.2020 (Mastered with Clear Sky at 75pct).wav
  4. Song 139 I Am No Hero fertig 1 WaveLab LE 1 expo 1 31.08.2020-01 (Mastered with Clear Sky at 77pct).wav
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