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    Music , God , Food & Woman
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    Blitz The Entertainer
    Feacher Wilbur Watkins III , was born in Jacksonville, FL, Duval, County .He used to be in a group called F.L.A. (Front Line Alliance). He actually started the group and was the youngest of the group. he always had big dreams to make Major Hit records,The only thing that he was missing was distribution, road manager, and direction. So he jumped on the Greyhound and moved to Atlanta, GA. In 2006, without knowing a soul, Blitz The Entertainer got to where he is today by hard work, dedication, and staying true to what he believe in, ,Music ,GOD and happiness . His very talented making his own , Cds , flyers and posters & his own lane by creating his new label called InTheLabMusicGroup Blitz The Entertainer produced tracks for his self of course, and other talented Artist's like Dem Franchize Boyz, Kwony Ca$h, FrontStreet , SupaStar CJ Rico Suave’, Kilo Ali, Khia, Baby Sweet of Stack’em Ent., Shawty Lo, and West Side Ink .
    Blitz The Entertainer has anthem! like “Blood, Sweat & Tears” , “Atlanta” “NoSleep” If you ever had a hustle or achieved your goals you can actually say you’ve made it through the blood, sweat & tears. Leaving his hometown Jacksonville, FL, moving to Atlanta, and establishing personal relationships with other artists in Atlanta was a blessing
    Blitz The Entertainer: The whole situation is a set back until we make it. Being an artist in a group in Jacksonville with no backbone was a major set back. Now he has so much support and people backing him which all came from staying loyal to his craft. His Been Making Music for at lease 15 Years and counting
    The New Single ATLANTA it's a high energy vibe type of record. Lyrics are clever, “double cup put the purple in” super dope verses. Blitz The Entertainer's rap delivery is unique on this track, but his out pacing the production and making sure people are feeling the impact of certain words in his bars. Blitz The Entertainer's make pretty good party music infused with a high energy swag.
  • Interests
    Music , God , Food & Woman
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