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  1. This song is dope because CORE DJ CHILL NEIL said so!!!
  2. This song is straight fire because CORE DJ CHILL NEIL said so!!!!
  3. Just tested this song in the club and got a real good response from it. It's gonna be another club banga because CORE DJ CHILL NEIL said so!!!
  4. What can i say the song is off the chain! And it actually has good meaning behind it.
  5. When I first heard this song i knew it was gonna be a CLUB BANGA!! I don't sugar coat nothing XO's Club Hoppa is one my hottest club songs right now!! The ladies going crazy over it and the guys bobbin there heads. I dj at a club called METROPOLIS on a thursday night in Houston. 1200 to 1500 every thursday!! 8yrs strong. Respectively speaking if you're not playing this song you need jesus!! I don't play hits I break hits! Big Ups to all the dj's that try to make a difference!!
  6. Yo this song is off the chain heard it when i was in dallas! Can't wait to play it tonight at the club!!!
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