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  1. Its amazing how a decision we made many years ago still affects us today.WOW

  2. Final score Cowboys-34 the other guys-7! How bout dem Cowboys!

  3. Trapping ain't dead on @phenomradio! We playing all jeezy rite now on #DirtySouthTakeover

  4. I need to find me a girlfriend that knows how to do algebra. This is why I dropped out of college the first time.smdh

  5. RT @djkizzyrock: @ the end of the day u must ask yourself.."WAS MY DAY PRODUCTIVE"

  6. You know what really grinds my gears: When people type "there" or "their" when they should be using "They're" OR when they use "then" instead of "than". #OKImDone #RandomVent

  7. I'm not really angry THAT it happened, but I'm super pissed at HOW it happened. Smdh its still #Cowboys tho

  8. Correction!! Dallas 20 Detroit 3 at he half!

  9. Once again its on! Catch me in the #SatNiteHouseParty right now on @MIX1620Radio Find us on the TuneIn app!

  10. Let's all go forward 2day with an attitude of achievment! Real men don't make excuses, they make #Changes!

  11. Bout 2 go running. Time to test out this new playlist!

  12. Say it with me yall.....How bout dem #Cowboys

  13. It's SHOWTIME yall! How bout them #Cowboys!

  14. Squares! It is with a heavy heart that I type this post as the Nashville Masonic District has lost a good man in the passing of P.M. Lamar Love from Rock City lodge #272. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers as we cope with the loss of this Good Brother. So mote it be.

  15. Don't u hate when u download a bootleg copy of popular music production software only to find its the Spanish vers. No Bueno!

  16. RT @jawar: Real men go the extra mile for their children and queen.

  17. Happy Saturday all! Time to get out and accomplish something..

  18. Working on my 3rd mix for the week and its only tues. I Do this! Indie artist lookin to expand ya brand hit me up 4 pricing!

  19. 4 the record, #mayweather was a punk 4 that! #thatisall

  20. Where yall watching the fight at?

  21. Frogie Style Radio High Roller Edition http://ow.ly/1x8OaK

  22. Trub Feat Project Pat-Busine$$ Men

    New Single from Memphis artist TRUB featuring the legend Project Pat!! Gotta lot of other good music coming from TRUB feat Yo Gotti, Gorilla Zoe and many more! DJs I need ya honest feedback on this one. Hope you enjoy! TRUB feat Project Pat - Business Men (explicit) http://www.mediafire.com/?r3w7b7c81hiw14y
  23. Trub Feat Project Pat-Busine$$ Men

    Need some feedback on this one fellas! Holla at me
  24. Don't forget to download the TuneIn app on your mobile device and search DJ Frogie to take my podcast mixes with you on the go! Life is good!!

  25. Bring on all ya Cowboys hate! I can take it! They hated on Jesus!