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  1. Its amazing how a decision we made many years ago still affects us today.WOW

  2. Final score Cowboys-34 the other guys-7! How bout dem Cowboys!

  3. Trapping ain't dead on @phenomradio! We playing all jeezy rite now on #DirtySouthTakeover

  4. I need to find me a girlfriend that knows how to do algebra. This is why I dropped out of college the first time.smdh

  5. RT @djkizzyrock: @ the end of the day u must ask yourself.."WAS MY DAY PRODUCTIVE"

  6. You know what really grinds my gears: When people type "there" or "their" when they should be using "They're" OR when they use "then" instead of "than". #OKImDone #RandomVent

  7. I'm not really angry THAT it happened, but I'm super pissed at HOW it happened. Smdh its still #Cowboys tho

  8. Correction!! Dallas 20 Detroit 3 at he half!

  9. Once again its on! Catch me in the #SatNiteHouseParty right now on @MIX1620Radio Find us on the TuneIn app!

  10. Let's all go forward 2day with an attitude of achievment! Real men don't make excuses, they make #Changes!

  11. Bout 2 go running. Time to test out this new playlist!

  12. Say it with me yall.....How bout dem #Cowboys

  13. It's SHOWTIME yall! How bout them #Cowboys!

  14. Squares! It is with a heavy heart that I type this post as the Nashville Masonic District has lost a good man in the passing of P.M. Lamar Love from Rock City lodge #272. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers as we cope with the loss of this Good Brother. So mote it be.

  15. Don't u hate when u download a bootleg copy of popular music production software only to find its the Spanish vers. No Bueno!