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  1. Ciara - Blauw (Prod. by Darkchild)

    This track is sick ladys will love it
  2. This stuff is popen !!!!! Wakka need more of this fyia !!
  3. Dorrough - Get Big (Produced By Nitti)

    Tx represent !!!!!!!
  4. Young Money - Roger That

    Sup with this wack asssss SQ ?????????
  5. Deal Wit It - Party Hard

    HOt sheeeeeet !!!
  6. Shits off the chain im keep in my crate to play
  7. Sammie Ft. Trey Songz - Put It On My Tab

    This joints ok i guess
  8. Paper Chaserz - Boy U Stupid (Produced by 2much)

    Im Feeling this
  9. Travis Porter - Go Shorty Go

    MAn !!! This is what im talking about !!! And the Beat is nice !
  10. Im liking it man can a get the instr ????
  11. Party Boyz - Flex (Produced by DSF)

    Say Jade the link is broken could you help me out bro I got the inst. and acca. but need the rest. If you can thanks man.
  12. Party Boyz - Daddy Stroke (Produced by Dsf Productions)

    Already this is poppen !!!
  13. XO - Huh (Produced by J-Depp)

    Song is a hit but dam quality needs to come first o_O
  14. Need Drops?

    Ive been wanting some drops for a while but didnt know where to look ? What kind of music are you talking about ? But about the drops I could use a few. Name is Dj.Chance whatever you do im sure ill be gratefull so le me know whats up ?