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    Award-winning, international music marketer, tour booker, author. CEO, Royal Heir Entertainment
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  1. A play on "Baby Ruth" candy bars, "Ruthy" is a sexy dancehall infused R&B ode to the BBWs! Label: VIP Records/Empire Stream/Download: https://jacene.fanlink.to/ruthy JaCene - Ruthy.mp3
  2. So...so dope. #respect #fire @bustarhymes #realhiphop https://t.co/qEZ1sEj4EZ

  3. #newmusic #hiphop love it or hate it???? https://t.co/ijTFCugG4W

  4. RT @Dajonmichaels: @RoyalHeirEnt 24 by Dajon Michaels Official video https://t.co/3aDouQVhTb

  5. Dope. Thanks! I accidentally deleted the email when someone sent this to me.
  6. Royal Heir Entertainment brings you their first big project of 2010, CLExSTL. Working to bridge gaps between Cleveland and St. Louis I decided to put together this project to showcase some of the talent in each city. CLEVELAND DJ Jack da Rippa www.216theTakeOver.com The Ohio Hip Hop Awards BLOG ST. LOUIS DJ T-Gutta www.MadeMonarchs.com www.STLHipHop.com Please check it out. Check out the sponsors. Give it to your friends. Give it to your enemies. DOWNLOAD HERE (Datpiff) DOWNLOAD HERE (zshare) DOWNLOAD HERE (sendspace) - Essince
  7. you got it, homie. I'll send it soon.
  8. What's good? NOT too late. I'm recording them this weekend and you'll have it soon. just PM me your email address. OH, and let me know how to pronounce his Murr-A so I don't mess up. Is it like...Murr "A" like letter A or like murda without the D...or something new. lol. PM me or email me and let me know, homie Essince
  9. cool, all drops up to date. Keep 'em coming but if you email rather than message to the thread, please let me know where you're from. Ess
  10. Menglis, essince@gmail.com DJ Pancake, I did not email them yet because I got a few last minute email/drop requests and I wanted to email all them out at once so I'll hopefully be able to send them to you before work tomorrow. If not, I'll send them after work. I got you, though, homie. Sorry for the delay.
  11. Menglis, I'm emailing you now... Ice cold, I got you, man. Xclusiv, no problem, homie. I have a show tomorrow night here in Cleveland but all drops above Menglis will be delivered on Friday.
  12. Pancake, Casper, 95, and Sanz, I got you! Sending emails today. Sorry for the delay. I haven't been on in about a week but everyone before you is done. Flame, get at me, homie. Ess
  13. no problem, anything specifically you want me to say? or just some basic drops. and let me know your email and I'll send it tonight, homie
  14. you got it, Shay d turning on my equipment now.
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