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  1. Tiffany Rosebud - Kiss of Life / Mama Africa

    this sounds good
  2. Phoenix Ft. LeeMazin (from Dreamchasers) - RunDown

    very nice, I'll be trying it out.
  3. E. Lee - It's Gettin Real

    I'm feeling this track for real. So refreshing.
  4. Lethal weapon vol 1 - 153

    DO you have the Hevy Hits Vinyl Series too?
  5. Que - Shake Dat

    Does anyone have the dirty version of Que Shake Dat?
  6. Do You Need Drops? Get at us!

    Make the drop saying, "You are now in the mix with one of the hottest DJs in the Fussa Area, DJ $tylez. If you don't know, you better find out." Make it with a slow deep male voice. Thanks
  7. Do You Need Drops? Get at us!

    Yeah this is your boy DJ $tylez. Please make drop for me.
  8. John Brown - Imma Love You Right

    this is a nice joint