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  1. anyone else having problems with vol 10 rar 1 ??? sick post tho man
  2. Sick post man but.................... Rapidshare sucks man i cant get hold of em
  3. i wouldnt bother chasing there newer stuff its hard work to get hold off and there is just as many good edits out there by people such as, DJ Voodoo, DJ Slick ect ect
  4. Guys whats happened to all the sharing everytime i come on here all im reading is invites to pay $20 a month for the privilege from all the usual suspects. lets start helping each other out again. DJ Voodoo vol 34 uploaded.to - where your files have to be uploaded to BLESS
  5. Hey guys could someone please be good enough to help me out ? i need effects, Glass smashing air horns..... u know the usual. Many thanks sean_bloomfield@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Can anyone hook me up with these please ???? Many Thanx
  7. Thankyou soooooo much djmooks good looking out bruva. Im gonna get a lil list together your gonna wish u never asked hahaaaa. thanks man
  8. Errrr top of my head always wanted. Lucy Pearl-Dance Tonight with intro, New Edition-Something About You with intro.... just any thing kool from that era i guess
  9. Anyone got any old 90s R&B and HIPHOP track with intros they would like to share Many Thaaaaaaaaanx
  10. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much robydj good looking out man
  11. Hey is anyone out there kind enough to help me out getting hold of these.. bless
  12. Scroll down and u will see these codes.... Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe weapon.part01.rar . just copy and paste them and they will take u to the link
  13. Ahhhh takes me back to the good ol vinyl dayz. Just copy and paste links. Enjoy [FS/HF] Lethal Weapon - DJ Only Remix Service Vol 01 - 153 - WAREZBB - Rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, torrent, bittorrent, easy-share, filefactory, hotfile, netload, uploading, depositfiles, sendspace collection .
  14. Ok i know there are gonna be alot of you who are gonna disagree and think im hating but here is where it all started....... Virtual DJ. before this software there was 5 or 6 good urban music DJs in my town all of us gettin paid a good
  15. This vinyl series used to get smashed up back in the day my personal faves the Blu Cantrell remix & Mos Def 7 days remix. Enjoy peeps Sound of the Dragon - ClubTunes Vol. 1 - Vol. 5 (2010) [www. ... at ul.to - Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, ...
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