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  1. Sig HB - So Fly [Prod.Zaytoven]

    This is so nice i need the instrumental for this. send it to tvdunn@hotmail.com.
  2. I Just Wanna - NaVaro feat. Mullage

    This is nice! I needs the instrumental also. tvdunn@hotmail.com
  3. The Dream - They Don't Know Me Mariah Carey Demo

    cool track
  4. Computer programs

    Go buy some 12inch records first and build up the knowledge of the art of djing first. Learn how to count beats and blend. leave that pc $hit alone if you just starting out. You will think me in the long run.
  5. Virtual DJ

    Wow this is what i like. Please keep using those other types of software crap and leave SSL to the ones who don't need auto beat matching and can do it like the old days. Understand this is why there are so many djs out thewre charging 50.00 - 75.00 a nite to do a party.
  6. Turn My Swag On(DJayCee Remix)-Soulja Boy Feat. Keri Hilson

    Diggin it Cee.
  7. i want play this at an old folks home. Plus i hope you r not a DJ and playin this trk!
  8. Serato Tricks

    Pratice and you will learn all the short cuts or tricks you need. And just like everyone said on here go to the site and be active, which means ask question(s) there or do a search on what you want to know. I have been on it from 1.4...
  9. Big Kuntry King Ft. T.I. & Young Dro - I Do

    Like this track... needs the instrumental