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    Fairly new to the DJing. I do blendz moreso than battling.
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  1. Straight heat. I will say it's more like Megan's song ft. Gucci on the hook but still fire
  2. Loving the growth in Lil Baby music. One of my favorite tracks out right now!
  3. Definitely a smash...ladies go crazy with this one
  4. Deleted my clean version by mistake...need this again...but link is dead!
  5. On time... hot pack... but need a new link...this one is down
  6. needed some clean versions of songs and this came right on time
  7. He didn't do bad with this one. I just prefer the OG version always...but I'll play it
  8. About to check it out now. Good look EDIT... the links don't work
  9. Nice...this is what I like from Alicia!
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