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  1. Yo hit me with that promo pack, this will difinetly make high! planethardhits@yahoo.com
  2. NiCe....Bun B my Nigga. I need dat DJ sevice pack mang planethardhits@yahoo.com
  3. Treal Lee & Prince Rick - Thowed Off

    Yea this is FIIIRRRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!! Ready to spin this tonight!!!!!
  4. Travis Porter - Bring It Back (Produced by FKi)

    planethardhits@yahoo.com someone please get me tha clean version! THX
  5. Travis Porter - Bring It Back (Produced by FKi)

    Awwwww Man this is gonna kill em................Need that clean version also or promo pack!
  6. Plies - Bruh Bruh (Produced by Zaytoven)

    Definitly a SMASH, been lookn for the radio version.
  7. Wash - So Clean

    Yo WAsh I'm LOVE da VYBZ on da trac king, hit me up in the Turks & Caicos with dat dj service pack mane so i can get it poppin on my mixx show this weekend. planethardhits@yahoo.com .THX
  8. Imyaboybigd - Ms. Campus (Produced by D West)

    Yo BIG D, Good WUKK mang & I need that Jump service Pack please homie send it to planethardhits@yahoo.com Asap Bro THX!!!!!
  9. Rocko - Maybe (Produced by Lil' Neal)

    He needs top this as an official single or somethin.
  10. Unk - Yeeaa (Produced by DJ Montay)

    YEA, YEAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DEWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Dem Get Away Boyz Ft. Roscoe Dash - She's So Fine

    It's aight, I'll wukk wit it!!!!!
  12. Certifed frm di Islands, I'm wukkin wit dis rite now.
  13. THX 4 tha instrumental, glad to see Kandi doin her thing tooooooo!!!!1