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  1. lmao at beatking... "cause bitch you sound ratchet"
  2. Wiggle Like That (Wit a D!ck in ya)

    djwcmusic@gmail.com thnx
  3. Houston R&B sensation I-Will hooks up with H-Town legend J-Dawg to bring you new heat. To top it all off it's produced by the king of the club himself, Beatking! DJs, you CAN'T go wrong this one. Garaunteed to have the club bangin!! DIRTY: http://hulkshare.com/mh38x5ai82qb RADIO: http://hulkshare.com/o42wccs807zw http://twitter.com/#!/iwillsang http://www.youtube.com/iwillsangtv
  4. Big K.R.I.T. - Country Ish remix

    djwcmusic@gmail.com preciate it!
  5. Wiggle like That--- FAT PIMP (Prod by JUNE JAMES)

    This song would be a straight hit if the beat was better....if u got an acapella i'd be willing to redo it for ya!
  6. sample/ sound used in this is annoying as fuck!! hook is nice though.
  7. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint (WC Club Remix)

    Preciate the luv! By request i've posted the Radio version. Enjoy!
  8. Waka Flocka Flame "Hard In Da Paint (WC Club Remix)" -GAURANTEED TO MAKE YOUR CROWD LOOSE THEIR MINDS WITH AN ADRENALIN PUMPING INTRO!!!- DOWNLOAD NOW! DIRTY: LimeLinx - Preview - Waka Flocka - Hard In Da Paint (WC Club Remix) (Dirty).mp3 CLEAN: http://limelinx.com/files/f0462577e71682ed62b459f0efa2eeb1 32 INTRO & OUTRO FOR EASE OF DJ MIXING DJ White Chocolate: myspace.com/djwcmusic twitter.com/djwhitechoc214 youtube.com/djwctv
  9. Straight banger!!! My ears haven't been blessed by a shawty redd beat in a minute!! ((free shawty redd!!))
  10. 9th Ward Gucci - Toot It Up

    Dirty version???
  11. Guap - Boogie Boogie Scoup (Produced by Lil Ronnie)

    wow this song is a straight rip off lmao
  12. SLIM THUG THUG (White Chocolate Remix) READY FOR CLUBS & MIXSHOWS!! SERATO/ TRAKTOR READY!!! DOWNLOAD NOW! Slim Thug - Thug (WC Remix) (Dirty) Slim Thug - Thug (WC Remix) (Radio) Produced By "The 17 Yr. Old Senstation" DJ White Chocolate MYSPACE.COM/DJWCMUSIC
  13. we're takin this to the top!!!