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  1. Drake feat Big Sean - Made [Prod by Kanye West] (NoDJ Vers)

    good post it's jammin
  2. Young Ill Ft. J-Smooth & Sgt.B - D**k You Down

    ayyy im feelin this bro ima break this asap!!
  3. Sgt. B - Swag Walk

    ok im jus tellin u...it sound like all the other songs...im the only one that hear this and automatically hear 5 other songs too? definitely a one-hit wonder song...im the crunkest dj ull kno and i kno if i keep playin these songs ppl gna get tired of em real talk
  4. Sgt. B - Swag Walk

    sound too much like other songs...no originality...walk wit sumthin other than swag, dip, or limp please
  5. Tum Tum Ft. Chalie Boy & Lil Man - No Destination

    im feelin dis bro!
  6. i like this different sound!
  7. I.C.U. Ft. Fat Pimp - MTV Riff Raff (Produced by Fat Pimp)

    wow bro...im speechless...i hate that I like this though lmao
  8. T Coop - Whistle When I Walk (Produced by T-Coop)

    yea this a hit right here!! i already played that urkel at a pool party theyre about to kno yur name over here!
  9. My DJing set Videos @ the niteclub

    yur transitions arent smooth...u cant hav people dancin and then stoppin to see wut song yur playin next they hav to kno! jus some insight no disrespect
  10. Lil Boosie - Fresh Out The Shower

    MAAAN!!!! this hard as hell def in my mix!
  11. Trai D - Booty From Behind

    preciate this!
  12. Treal Lee - Work That Lumber

    good shit man!!