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  1. Chrome Boss - Spaceship Status (Produced By Taz Green)

    beat is def on point
  2. Mario Ft. Gucci Mane, Tum Tum, Tawana, Fat Pimp - Yeeeah

    this is so fuckin ill
  3. J-Money Ft. Meany (Shop Boyz) - Do It Bigg

    from the cars to the clothes to the hoes, we do it big!!!! AYYYY
  4. Ice Kream Face - Mista Wish Feat D-dubb

    dirty please? email is dshsmart86@hotmail.com
  5. RH Bless - Ghetto Metal (Produced by DJ Ophax)

    AYYY, this is fire
  6. Big Teezy - Ima Ball (Prod.K.E)

    imma ball biatch
  7. C.H.A.D. The Change - I'ma Take It

    slow at first, and then it kinda grew on me. but it's just kinda boring overall? dude's flow is aight
  8. The Gangsta Players "Nationwide" (Produced by DJ BoyWonder)

    damnnn, this shit is serious
  9. T.B.C. Ft. Fat Pimp - Mus B Gettin' Money (Produced By Sleepa)

    that pose doesnt look right
  10. Yung Teddy Ft. GMS & Marvelous - Kartoon

    Yung Teddy Doin It
  11. Big D Ft. J. Futuristic - Im Gone (Produced By Hott Rod)

  12. Travis Porter - That's Dem (Produced by Mr Hanky)

    he on that j-money shit, but the beat is bangin
  13. Xen Nightz - Evolution of Hiphop

    but this song is tight, and im still lookin forward to the album
  14. Xen Nightz - Evolution of Hiphop

    i was wondering, i heard that diss towards lil wayne, now xen's album features weezy? hmm...
  15. re-record, and this a hit!