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  1. Quon - Shining @MISTERQUON

    i like it, will give it a try in the club
  2. Young Nino - Hands On Ya Knees @YOUNGNINODADON

    Will definitly bang this in the club
  3. Very good for warming up the night definitly
  4. Mrs. Dolla - Don't Keep Me Waiting

    Nice track, will spin on the warmup
  5. Nori Tone - Built Like Me

    Nice one, will spin
  6. Will try it out Might be good in the club
  7. Steany Wright (Trini Boy) Ft. Major Lazer - Rewind

    Not my style but definitely summer banger for clubs If i see that sits fitting somewhere in my sets, ill def play it Peace
  8. Team Twin - King Kong

    File not found, will download and chek it
  9. Thaqif - The Jitra Dude Kiss

    Dude cold learn to rap. wtf is this
  10. Fatt - Roll One For The DJ

    Interesting song. Gets in your ear quick Don't know about club potential, at least here in croatia, but defiantly will spin it on radio and on mixtape
  11. EDUBB Ft. John Boy "On The Track" - Tiffany Lane / Poison Ivy

    Nice one, sounds promising for club. Will definitly give it a try
  12. J.Beale - Nothin Bad

    Kool track, will give it a try on the warmup
  13. Crix Green - So Cool (Produced by PSB)

    In bunch of the nonesence music today, this is nice breeze of freshness