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  1. Roam Bad Daddy - Azz Control

    LOVE IT...... My Real Fam.... SC to SAV!!!!!! PURE PAIN 4 LIFE
  2. Lil Nuke Ft. Rich Homie Quan - Don't Look Like That

    It's Cool It's Nice
  3. Internet Radio Spins

    DJDIRTYRADIO SPIN PACK Its 1$ A Spin but the minimum 0f 25 spins so $25 for 25 and so on .. Starting in Jan.2012 you get 200 spins for $100 WWW.DJDIRTYRADIO.COM i'm going to give you 10 spins free this week hit me back if you want the D.Boy Pack $150 FOR 200 Spins & Your Add On The www.DJDIRTYRADIO.com Home Page....For infomation regarding radio spins contact Dirty... [email protected]

    SEND ALL MUSIC NO DJ DROPS TO [email protected]
  5. SEND MUSIC TO ME WITH NO DJ DROPS [email protected]

  6. Fantasia - I'm Doin' Me

    This My Song {I'm Doing Me} Love It!!!!!!
  7. T.R. Flow - Baby Mama

    This is some real live club shit the lady's love this song fuck with it you'll see
  8. Baby Boy Ft. Yung L.A. - Stuntin'

    I have a club in South Carolina need a show date with Baby Boy hit me
  9. This is a good come back record after trap or die 2
  10. Post your twitter

    Dj Dirty (DjDirrrrrty) on Twitter
  11. Wheres my DJs at?

    Hit Dj Dirty on www.myspace.com/djdirty803
  12. Post your twitter

    www.twitter.com/djdirtybaby www.myspace.com/djdirtyonline
  13. Sauce - Pop And Roll

    Thanks for the club version Big Dog lets make this Sauce summer the song might be old to us but new to everybody if we all jump on it at the same time
  14. Wheres my DJs at?

    This Yo Boi DJ Dirty From The 803 That South Carolina "Orangeburg"